Monday, April 23, 2012

Spring Break

We got back from Hawaii just in time for the girls to go to one day of school and then start their Spring Break. (yep- teachers did not like this plan). I thought we would just hang out at home for the week and relax, but when someone invites you to do something fun it is hard to say no.

So we took off with two other families to spend a day at Stinson Beach north of San Francisco. Ian definitely couldn't add to the break he already took so he stayed home to work. Bummer.

We drove through clouds and rain but enjoyed blue skies and sun when we arrived at the beach. After all the sunning we wanted to partake of, it clouded over and started to sprinkle, so we packed up.

We stayed the night in Novato so we could hit Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in the morning. Great weather. Great rides. No lost kids! Good times.

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