Friday, April 27, 2012

A BIG Birthday

My 40th birthday was April 25th. It is now August and I am finally posting about it! It seems so long ago- I must be 43 by now.
The celebration was so awesome I couldn't wrap my head around how to do it justice in cyber space. So here is my attempt.

It can be difficult to figure out how to celebrate a big birthday you'd rather not even have. But I knew what I wanted to do! And I didn't really care if Ian was the only one I could get to go with me.

I wanted to go to Magic Mountain!! What better way to welcome in my forties than screaming my head off on gravity defying roller coasters?!?

But because I have the best hubby, he rallied some of my favorite people and we partied hard!!

A dinner at a delicious Mexican restaurant to start the weekend off. Followed by a party in the room complete with a hilarious, original serenade from my sisters.

Then we hit it hard in the morning. We waited almost 2 hours to get on our first roller coaster, X2. It was the most insane, intense ride any of us have ever been on. (Look at the picture of Marianne for proof.)

We waited in lots of long lines but kept ourselves laughing and entertained by taking pictures with famous people and taking turns making the best predator-prevention face we could make.

I thought we wouldn't spend the whole day at the park, instead opting for an early dinner and some hot tub time. But no- we shut that place down!! Ali and Linda even talked a security gaurd into letting them on crazy Tatsu one last time!!

It was a perfect weekend with people I love and I am forever grateful to them for making it happen!!

I guess 40 doesn't suck after all.

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