Monday, April 23, 2012

Find the Eggs!

Easter time calls for some hunting. This year our ward put on a morning hunt to help boost the candy supply of all the primary children. It was a lot of fun!

Taitum wanted to be the most popular girl there, so she brought our bunny on a leash. Cocoa Carrott almost got trampled but made it out alive!

Yep! Our girls dress the bunny up!

The next day we made a bunny cake for our Easter Dinner with a group of friends. The best part of this cake is way it requires us to use all the candy the Easter Bunny brought!

1 comment:

Amy Carter said...

you guys are non-stop action!!! i just caught up on your blog. cannot believe the number of places you've been in the last month.

you kept the bunny! he's so cute. tell your girls that dressing him is animal abuse!

ps. that pic of you five is so cute!!