Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Santa and Santa

It must be Christmas!

"I would like a stuffed animal black puppy"

"I want a dirt bike cuz my mom said I couldn't have a motorcycle."

"Listen up Santa. I want lots of stuff...... Hold on, I'm not done yet..."

Sutton had a performance at her preschool followed by a visit from Santa. That guy is everywhere!

"Don't you remember what I said? A stuffed puppy that is black??"

"If I hug you can I have a dirt bike?"

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Tree Topper

The tree may have stood bare naked in our house for almost a week, and a few days more with out the star on top. But when the star was finally placed on top the girls got to continue their tradition of sleeping "beneath" the tree.

Another Christmas tradition- Chip the Elf arrives from the North Pole and is watching the girls from the tree when they wake.

Her older sisters had told her our elf would be there in the morning but when Sutton figured out the "red ornament" in the tree was our elf she started to cry. She thought we were going to get a real-live, little person elf running around the house.

Don't mess with my phone

Or this will happen to the flattering pictures you take of yourself....

For video:


I pulled the brownies out of the oven and left them to cool. The Button had been asking for one the entire hour they were cooking. She about lost her mind when I told her they had to cool off. I left the kitchen and came back to this scene.

Tumble Bunny

It was
"make the parents question how they spend their money"
show-day for the Button.

Doesn't Frosty always come to
gymnastic shows?

I am trying to figure out how to add a link to video. Sometimes smart phones aren't so smart. Try this link :

Thursday, December 8, 2011

It's Nutcracker Time

December brings lots of fun activities I look forward to. Nothing more than taking the girls to see the Nutcracker.

Sutton stayed at home with dad so we went with our neighbors instead.

This year had an added benefit - Taitum's friend was the marionette and she did a great job!

"Was that magician man really controlling you with those strings? You were awesome. I wish I could do my make up like that."

Turkey, Touchdowns, and Tides

While in the southern half of our state we stayed with our awesome friends The Bates. We spent thanksgiving morning cooking and sampling. When Johnna and her kids arrived the cooking moms were still in proper cooking attire (pj's). A quick change, some more cooking and more tasting and we were ready to chow down!

Big kids and little kids tables.
(Molly I'm using your idea of taking a picture of my camera. Better than no photo at all!?!)

So cool that we were all freshman together at the zoo in Provo.

The next day the boys went mountain biking and we went shopping. Both good options for getting your burn on. That night we headed down to San Diego to watch Johnna's oldest boys in a high school playoff game.

And to make our trip in the south land complete, we had to hit the beach.

71 degrees in late November.
Not bad at all!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Happiest (and most crowded) place on earth

For Thanksgiving break we decided to take a little trip down south to the other country of Southern California.

I worked hard on the dad and convinced him he could do a day at Disneyland for the everlasting happiness of the spoiled girls.

Of course taking our four girls isn't enough- we brought along some extras for the fun.
Shaye and Tyler were awesome and made the posse complete!

Sutton's very first ride at Disneyland ever. The look on her face says it all. She was excited and scared at the same time. But she got into it as soon as she got the gun in her hand!

Ready to take on Star Tours.

I want my picture with Ariel, but my family won't wait in the line.

Temple of Doom

No Chewy souvenirs for you!

Best Disneyland surprise-SNOW!

Asleep by 830pm, but we didn't leave for 3 more hours.

We had a great day! Even went on a ride none of us had ever been on before - Peter Pan. Saw the parade, fireworks, and light show at Small World. The best part was the dad kept his cool the whole time! I think he might have even had a bit of fun!