Thursday, April 12, 2012

Hawaii Part 3 - Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy and Scenic

Each week when Sunday comes in the beautiful pacific islands, some people actually go to church. While that seems crazy enough, what is even wackier is when tourists,on said islands, take precious time from their tropical vacations to leave the beach and also go to church. Call us wacky!

We actually love going to church when we are on vacation. It is always fun hunting down the building and meeting times. We headed to church in Waimea, a literal cow town up in the mountains (above 3000 feet) of Hawaii. The drive up changed from barren lava fields to lush, green rolling hills as the misty rain settled on Waimea Valley.

The locals were very friendly and we loved being spiritually fed by the Aloha testimonies shared from the pulpit. After church we did as all good believers do; we went for a Sunday drive.

This is the part of the post where I insert pictures, but I guess my phone wasn't with me because I have none from our drive. I will post them from the camera later. On the mean time enjoy this photo from the day before:

Our drive took us from Waimea to the northern most point on the island - a small town called Hawi, but pronounced hah- vee. We were able to drive by working ranches, play moo cow, and interact with about 30 of Hawaii's version of Hells Angels, who decided to also make the lone turn out a nice spot to take a break, and a pee (oh yes they did).

The road past Hawi turns east and ends at the Pololu Lookout, where on a clear day you are rewarded with stunning views of the mountainous coast line. But because of the cloud cover our reward was a crowded parking lot, nice hippie backpackers, and dream of what might have been.

Our drive home went from thick, jungle greenery, to views that reminded us of Africa (not the Africa we have been to- because we haven't- but the one in movies). It was all so different and so beautiful.

Back at the house we loaded up on some delicious home made French toast and then headed out for a little more spiritual enlightenment. We went to the moon.

Ok- its not the moon, but this barren landscape is Hawaii! Takes some getting used to, but if you follow this road to the end you'll find the beautiful A' Bay.

We worshiped the sand and surf until the sun set and considered it a pretty perfect day. But Quincee wasn't satisfied and decided it would be a great night to get her souvenir.

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