Sunday, April 22, 2012

Scottsdale Meet Up

So yeah- it has been a bit heavy in the time away from home department lately. It will calm down in May. But until then, let the craziness continue.

I met up with my best girls (minus Erin- bummer) for our 11th annual "Girls Trip". This time we decided to try out Scottsdale, Arizona for some good times. We could have fun anywhere!!

This was the appetizer at a restaurant called True Food. Healthiest app I've ever eaten!

Scottsdale has my kind of stores!

In an attempt to counter- balance all the junk we ate (cookies for breakfast), we got active too. We took a yoga class, went for a run, and hiked Camelback Mountain (not all on the same day).

After my girls left on Sunday I was able to hook up with some of my favorite friends from days of old (AKA college)! Soooo much fun!

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