Monday, September 10, 2012

Fast Forward to Costa Rica

Since I got behind on posting over the summer, and because I sure no body out there in the real world even noticed, I am skipping ahead from May to September. This doesn't mean I won't go back and update the summer happenings. This just means we are on vacation and need to let the girls see what we are up by posting here.

Even though I am so tired my eyes are stinging tonight, I promised to post a recap.

After an overnight in Dallas, and a delayed flight, we finally made it to San Jose Costa Rica at about 10pm. We were supposed to arrive at 730! We were met at the airport by our friends Michelle and Brent Paul, who were with the guides who would take us up to our destination for the next three days- La Fortuna at the base of Arenal Volcano. Didn't really realize it would take another 3 and a half hours to get there!!!

It was a crazy ride with an insane driver on wet, curvy roads, but we arrived in one piece, tired and only slightly car-sick. We checked at the Volcano Lodge with the Paul's and crashed in our rooms, which we could yell through the walls to each other. The sound of all the jungle creatures outside lulled us to sleep.

We woke up bright and early this morning and quickly ate breakfast at our hotel before getting picked up for our activity- river rafting!!

Although we had been rafting many times before, this was by far the most extreme rafting we have done yet. Not just because the Rio Sarapiqui had class 3 and 4 rapids. But mainly because our guide Luis was insane and set on making sure we nearly flipped the boat on every rapid. And the rapids never ended. Unlike the American river, with long stretches of relaxing flow between rapids, this river only had brief moments where you weren't paddling like crazy.

Even though Luis tried to kill us, he did a great job getting us through, proving that river guides in Costa Rica have a lot more fun than guides in the states, because they can get away with a lot more down here. We had an amazing time!!

After rafting they fed us lunch before the long drive home. It started to rain and then pour. We got back to our rooms just in time. We had nothing else to do but sit and listen to the pouring rain, watch the lightening, and scream (just me) after the thunder that sounded like it was coming through our ceiling. It was pretty entertaining.

We didn't let the the rain keep us away from a natural hot springs resort that night. It actually was a good time to go. Unfortunately we don't have any pictures because it was raining, and we were swimming.

The place was very cool with many hot pool/tubs/caves connected by pathways. There were also 3+ slides that would never find a home in the States. Also, if we were in the US we would have never been allowed in the pool in the first place because of all the lightening. But at least the lightning was prividing some light for our way because half of the resort was without power due to the storm. Adventure for sure!! Our adventerous girls would have loved this place! One day:)

View from our hotel of the elusive summit of Arenal Volcano. And the view out our window.

The housekeepers leave little towel animals for us each day! It's Ellie the Elephant!

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