Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Costa Rica - day 4- Playa del Ultimos Dias

Today was the ultimate beach day! (not sure if my spanish was correct in the title??). When you are expecting lots of rain for your trip and you wake up to bright blue skies.... Pura Vida!!

We did have another 5 am wake up call this morning, but not from the rain. A very loud male howler monkey was letting everyone know who was in charge. And he was doing it in the tree tops just outside our balcony. It didn't seem like he was going to stop, but luckily he did and we got a little more sleep with just the ocean waves and jungle birds for background noise. Luckily the entire family of monkeys were still in the trees for us to watch when we got up. Felt like we were at a zoo, but one with out fences. Encounters with monkeys, huge iguanas, raccoons, and birds.

A morning run on the beach was in order. Perfect beach for running=low tide+hard packed sand. Back to the hotel, jump in the pool, breakfast on the beach, suits on, surf boards rented, beach chairs claimed- ahhhhhhh! Heaven on earth in Central America!

After surfin was done and we were all sufficiently burned, we borrowed bikes from the hotel and rode up the beach to the small town for lunch. Ian scheduled surfing lessons for the next day while Brent peddled back to the hotel to get more money to pay for lunch. Oops- no credit cards where we ate!

After lunch we peddled home for a couples massage on the beach. Yep- it was rad! What was even better was that it was included when we booked the room. So sweet!

Dinner that night was back in town followed by a round of hearts with the Pauls, which ended when I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer.

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Chris said...

Thanks for day 4. You guys amaze me with the fun things you find to do. Kitty, is that your chair that the bird is sitting on? I checked with my Spanish speaking husband who confirmed that "ultimos dias" is same as the "last days" in Church of JC of "latter day"... So, guess it depends on what you meant :)