Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Costa Rica- day 2- Adventure and then some more adventure

A 7am pick up by the guys at Desafio Adventure Company and we were off to rappel and trek down a small canyon. The three rules of the company are 1- be safe 2- have fun and 3- get wet! We did all three and had a great time, feeling so lucky and amazed to be there and grateful the weather was perfect and totally cooperating.

We hiked out of the canyon soaking wet, changed, and ate a delicious homemade Tico lunch.

Then we were taken to our next stop- a canopy tour- which meant zip lining through the treetops of the jungle, down a mountainside, at speeds up to 40 mph, and up too 500 feet above the ground. It was a rush! And we got to see some Howler Monkeys too!!

We were worried the entire time we were going to get rained on, but the rain stayed away.

After our return to the hotel we headed for the hot tub to soak while it sprinkled. But soon even the sprinkling stopped, clouds parted, and we saw bits of the blue sky. During a nature walk around the resort property we even caught a glimpse of the top of the volcano. Dinner at the hotel that night was delicious and Facebook lessons, map questing, and stories back in the Paul's room until Brent's bloodshot eyes kicked us out were hilarious! Another Pura Vida day!!

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