Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Costa Rica- day 3- Driving and Dirty Cops

Although a powerful storm woke us up at 5am (of course we went back to sleep), we had a great nights sleep. Looks like Mother Nature got our requests for good weather the previous two days and made up for it by dumping her guts this morning. It was pouring like mad, but since we were going to be in the car driving to the coast most of today, it seemed kind of ideal.

Except for the wind that came with the rain, which blew much debris and many trees onto the road. We were barely 30 minutes into our 3+ hour drive across the country when our trip came to a sudden stop. A tree the size of Rhode Island had fallen across the 2 lane highway. Although two men with machetes were making quick work, looked like we weren't going to be moving anywhere unless we helped too. So we put on our rain jackets and started to remove the branches they had chopped off. Soon a man in a Nissan Sentra pulled up, said something in spanish to the machete men, then motioned for us to follow - so we did. That sweet Sentra lead us down a crazy, 10 mile dirt/mud/bush/tree road to get around the downed tree and back on the highway. We had a small 4x4 that made the detour just fine, but definitely had more ticks and noises once we were back on paved road.

As we drove west towards the Pacific, around the huge Lake Arenal, the rain started to let up and the clouds parted so that we got a very brief glimpse of the entire volcano.

After a bumpy (literally) start this morning, it was smooth sailing. Except for the semi we came within in 6 inches of hitting and then ended up in a ditch. Oh, and except for the cop that pulled Ian over doing 120km in a 60km zone. The cop basically told Ian he'd earned a very expensive ticket or Ian could pay him and the ticket would go away. After a $35 exchange was made we were on our way again!

We arrived in Playa Tamarindo in time to see one of the most spectacular sunsets I have ever seen. (Of course my photos will not do it justice) Our home for the next four days, Capitan Suizo hotel, seemed about as perfect as it could get. We went to bed that night feeling like we had hit the jackpot!!

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Chris said...

I tried leaving a comment last night, but didn't work. We'll see about this one. Sooo, love your pictures. What a crazy fun time. I can totally see why the 4 of you are together (Not exactly the adventure you'd get with the 70 year olds!). Hi Michelle and Brent. We miss you. Everything here going very smoothly. Love these girls.