Friday, March 2, 2012

White Stuff

Thanks to all the leaders of our country past, we enjoyed a day skiing with the girls on President's Day. Sad to say it was our first ski day of the season, but with so little snow in Tahoe, we haven't been too excited to hit the slopes. When dad takes a day off, skiing seems like a perfect outing.

See the attempt to get my 3 girls to line up next to each other while on skis!

It was Sutton's first time on skis, so we signed her up for ski school. It was a colossal waste of money! And poor Sutton was traumatized. Bad idea!!! But she looked super cute, so thats got to count for something!

Poor baby- this is what she looked like when I came to get her after I got the call to pick her up early.

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Molly said...

Poor Sutton! And I love the photos of Camden falling over. We have had zero desire to go skiing the last 2 years. It may have something to do with two kids under the age of 2. The idea of going to the snow makes me tired.