Sunday, March 25, 2012

Hawaii- part 1 - Costco is the same in Kona

Get on the plane!!

In protest of the major airlines crazy new fees for everything (and because we'd rather spend our money on mo bettah things in Hawaii) we only checked our huge dive bag and carried on everything else. Each kid had their back pack and a piece of rolling luggage. So do-able and saved us $400. Take that American Airlines!

We made it to Hawaii late Wesnesday night- about 11pm. Although it was 1am according to our body clocks, our bodies didn't care about the time. Feed me - they whined.

We found the only restaurant in Waikoloa open- Macaroni Grill. Yep- starting our trip out authentic and right!

The girls barely stayed awake to eat, but were completely wired when we got to the house.

I was too tired to take photos of the place we are staying. Maybe a future post!

It was fun to wake up in the morning and see where we really were. Because we came in with only stars to guide us, the sun showed us whose boss. We got to the nearest beach as soon as we could.

This is the problem with having so many different forms of technology on which to store/share memories- our pictures and video are everywhere!!!! My phone, Ian's phone, our camera, our video camera. So only the pics from my phone are making in on this blog. Sorry!

After exploring, we did what any family who just spent $70 on sandwiches would do. We went to Costco! The girls played at the pool with Ian's parents while we shopped.

Dinner that night at home and then of to see the fire dancers.

Quincee had a stuffy nose all through her christmas vacation and tried "I'm not eating sugar for a week" to see if it would help clear it up. The week turned into 3 months! Forget the nose, she just wanted to wait to have sugar until Hawaii. And her willpower was amazing. So for her first treat in 3 months, she had a LAVA FLOW!

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