Monday, March 26, 2012

Hawaii - Part 2 = Hapuna means this beach is heaven in Hawaiian

We were determined to get an early start on our second full day on the Big Island. Ian got the earliest start when he met an old friend from his Wilson Sonsini days for a nice little 48 mile bike ride. When he said he would be back by 930, we didn't know it meant he wouldnt be back until noon. Ugh!

While waiting for him Quincee and I took a two hour walk on the beach and through town (Mani Lani), which she might not forgive me for anytime soon. The other girls spent time at the pool, where Q and I joined them to cool off.

While we were eating lunch, the golf course got thirsty. The girls went to play in its drinking water. Don't worry- Panda kept them off the greens!

After, Taitum harassed the geckos. A favorite activity.

Finally, after Ian made it home, we took a short drive to the beautiful Hapuna Beach. Perfect day to spend hours sitting on the fine white sands and swimming in the clear blue waters. The people watching parade was pretty noteworthy too.

And we witnessed a rare sighting of the Hairless-Ankle-Diver Fish. Look closely.

After the beach we hurried home and showered so we could make the 30 min drive to Kona in time to return Ian's bike. Thank you biking for controlling another portion of our trip.

We decided to eat dinner in Kailua Kona and walk through tourist central.

Sleep couldn't come fast enough!


Marian said...

So glad you are having a wonderful time, it looks heavenly! What happened to the pictures of Sutton on your Lanai? I see them no mo.

The Carters said...

For the record, I never said I would be back from my ride by 9:30a. I was intentionally vague. :-). Love you.