Friday, December 2, 2011

Happiest (and most crowded) place on earth

For Thanksgiving break we decided to take a little trip down south to the other country of Southern California.

I worked hard on the dad and convinced him he could do a day at Disneyland for the everlasting happiness of the spoiled girls.

Of course taking our four girls isn't enough- we brought along some extras for the fun.
Shaye and Tyler were awesome and made the posse complete!

Sutton's very first ride at Disneyland ever. The look on her face says it all. She was excited and scared at the same time. But she got into it as soon as she got the gun in her hand!

Ready to take on Star Tours.

I want my picture with Ariel, but my family won't wait in the line.

Temple of Doom

No Chewy souvenirs for you!

Best Disneyland surprise-SNOW!

Asleep by 830pm, but we didn't leave for 3 more hours.

We had a great day! Even went on a ride none of us had ever been on before - Peter Pan. Saw the parade, fireworks, and light show at Small World. The best part was the dad kept his cool the whole time! I think he might have even had a bit of fun!


Molly said...

Ha! I love the picture with Ariel. Classic. Did you know that Christian has never been to Disneyland? One of these days we'll go.

Chris said...

I want to come too. The last time we were there, Ian was probably 16. There must be a not so crowded time??

Michelle said...

I can't believe you'd never been on Peter Pan. That would have been good for the "I never" game :-). I think it's one of the most magical rides in the park. Glad Sutton got to enjoy it from the begining. ...thanks for telling me you're posting. I love it.