Monday, November 14, 2011

To the dentist

Time for our semi annual check up and cleaning.

Can you believe I am blogging about this? Me either. But now that I can do it from my phone and I am waiting anyway, gives me something to do (although this is taking away from my Rag Mag reading time.)

Taitum's turn.

Sutton said "I love this stuff" after she got the suction.

And this is how Cam and Q kick-it in the waiting room!!!! Where do they think they are? Right at home.

This is why our kids love going to the dentist!!! Dr. Snow is awesome!

Five check ups. 127 teeth. 1 tiny baby cavity on Sutton. Not bad.


Molly said...

127:1. Those are pretty good stats. I went to the dentist this morning. I do not love the suction.

Chris said...

So this is how the desire to become a hygienist begins. You lucked out with a fantastic dentist and kids that don't fear going. Love it.