Thursday, November 17, 2011

Lunch Date

It was a minimum day at school today so I took Cam to lunch.

This is why one-on-one time with your kid is important..... you learn things like this:

Recently one of Camden's friends asked her if she wanted to play hookie with her. Camden said she didn't know how to play that game. She had never heard of it, but wanted to know if it was fun. Her friend laughed and laughed her head off. Then she told camden the rules of ditching school.

Oh how I love my still sweet teen!


Molly said...

Funny! And cute!

Chris said...

Camden, you are sooo photogenic. And just as cute in person. I love this shot. So glad you weren't familiar with "the game".

Marian said...

It is good to see you using your blog again. It is better than Facebook! I love the headlamp,Sutton is an original ,as are each of your children. We are so proud to be your grand parents, to be entertained by Kitty's wit and humor.Ian is okay too!