Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Suttons birthday party

The problem with blogging from your phone is that you have to remember to take pictures with your phone.

I didn't remember until the end of the party. But here's what I got.

We hired a clown -Oops C Daisy - to come do face painting and a magic show. She was awesome.

A sampling if our bozo the clown cupcakes. Note- the cotton candy hair melts fast!

Of all the things Sutton could have picked, she chose an alligator.

Some of the party go-ers.
A butterfly, spider man, and a princess.


Molly said...

Cute! I love the alligator on Sutton's face! And I love that you're blogging. :) If you forget to take a picture on your phone, just use your phone to take a picture of the picture. Ha.

Happy Birthday, Sutton!

Chris said...

Molly said exactly what I planned to say! All the face designs are way better than I've seen before, but Sutton's is outstanding. Sorry I missed the party. Looks like fun.