Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wrapping up Milano

Ok, since we didn't get to bed until 2:30 am last night due to blogging of all things, I decided I'd take over the daily update and make it brief. We saw more old stuff and ate more yummy food, missed a few tram stops and went to the opera. The end.
Really, he just should have stopped, but noooo...

That's not going to due, so here are some more details. After breakfast at the hotel (it was good, but who includes coconut in cereal, c'mon?), we headed back to the Duomo for a tour inside and a hike to the top. Amazing marble building that took 500 years to build (no exaggeration). They must have hired CalTrans workers. The detail is ridiculous, and it was built to hold all 40,000 Milanese (which was the population when they started construction). There's a few old holy people entombed inside (again, not good with names and I figured it probably wouldn't come in too handy in the future).

In other fashion news, we didn't feel so lame today because we wore black. Plus there were at least 65% more tourists here today. And the east Europeans got nothing on us. Although we did have fun secretly snapping photos of fancy people we passed.

We then grabbed a quick tasty lunch which I can't name (best I can describe it is prosciutto and mozzarella fried in a doughnut). I'm sure they're super good for you... all foreign food is.

We have had luck while wandering in Milan. First, we smelled it. Then we saw the commotion out front. so we knew we had to go in. I should have taken a photo of the display before us. It was bee-you-tee-ful! So we ordered something to share and at it as we wandered on. Something baked in a donut that looks like a small calzone. . . i hope we meet again!

Next we waited to put our names on the list for the local opera. Day of the show they release some tickets in a lottery. They told us that the opera was a big deal here. Some dude named Placido Domingo (ok, sometimes I do remember a name or two) decided not to sing tonight, so we got some other guy who sings very loud. Placido is back on tomorrow night (I understand that he didn't want to compete with the football game tonight (Milano International, or something close to that was playing Madrid).

The La Scalla Opera House is one of the oldest most respected opera houses in the world. We were so lucky to get in, but when we got to our seats- 7 stories straight up, we realized why they were only 12 euro instead of 235 euro. We didn't care, it was an experience we won't forget. And since the tickets were so cheap you can't blame us for ducking out a little early - we were hungry and it wasn't even close to ending. (If you know how Simon Bocanegra ends, please advise!)

We thought we'd head back to the hotel for a nap before the opera, but it took us about an hour to get back during rush hour traffic, so we showered, changed and went right back to the opera house. We were up in the nosebleed seats, that you couldn't see very well from unless you stood up, but you could hear great. It was fun, but I don't see myself joining a fantasy opera league or hosting Monday night opera parties at our house anytime soon. We left the opera about 10pm, but still hadn't eaten dinner yet.

We did have more gelato earlier in the day. Just thought you'd like to know.

We wrapped up the night with dinner at some fun little restaurant off the beaten path. Kitty saw it when we were riding by on the Tram so we just jumped off at the next stop and walked back. There were only women eating in the restaurant. Turns out the football (soccer) match was a big deal and the guys were all at home or at the bars watching it. We about jumped out of our seats when the guys in the kitchen all started screaming, jumping around and dancing with each other part way through the meal. Turns out that Barcelona won 1-0, but because they didn't win by 2 goals or more, Milano gets to go to the championship. So they lost, but everyone was happy (we can still hear people driving by honking their horns in celebration and it's after midnight).

Mmmmm- more gnocchi, but no pulp of crab this time. Risotto Milanese, and Insalata Mista too. No pictures. We need to be more thoughtful bloggers and take more photos.

We did a much better job of ordering food tonight. Best meal we've had so far. We left stuffed, so we walked the last 6 blocks or so to our hotel.

Seriously tired, eyes burning, feet sore, can't think clearly. We love you girlies! be good for Grandma! We love her too. Do you have any questions for us? no- we haven't seen any kids as cute as you here.

That's about it for today, I need to sign out.

Ciao Ciao

The Washer.

The Loader


Molly said...

Just what I needed at the end of a long, boring day at my computer. That cathedral is ridiculous!! And that opera house looks scary. Do you think anyone has every fallen?

Chris said...

I forgot to mention yesterday that I think your sisters and I ate at Balthazars years ago when we were in NJC. Is it the most oft recommended restaurant? This baby sitting is so cinchy. Sutton and I hang out alot. Q and T are at Donna's (I can't spell trea) and C is at MC practice at school for tomorrow's talent show. Vita is amazing. While I was loving C's choir practice, she was back here doing the laundry, making dinner, and bathing the girls. The house was spotless when we returned. Your photos and comments are wonderful. Keep it up

Chris said...

hi mom and dad. . how are you ? sounds fun I wish I were there miss you and love you.


Chris said...

hi mom and dad- how are you. im fine. i miss you and am happy that i see you are having so much fun. tommarrow i am the MC for the talent show. wish me luck! i love you guys. see you on the tenth!!!!!!!!!

JoMama said...


Dude, you totally missed out on work today, I um...logged on to the computer and answered some emails. I took, like, 20 phone calls, ate lunch at Dos Coyotes and left early at 8:00 pm.

It was awesome! I haven't had a day that fun and exciting for a long time!

I bet you wish you were back here at the office instead of looking at old buildings and stuffing your face with Italian donut-pannini things. Ha! Sucks to be you!

Alison said...

Wish I were there eating gelato and seeing beautiful old buildings and being dumb American tourists...
Your opera reminds me of our girls trip to NYC and watching the very large, loud singers that night and leaving with a splitting headache....:) but still soooo amazing!! I'm glad you made it take more phots but cool you are blogging - Love you both Ali

Munns Photography said...

You know how to plan a trip...that's for sure! Sounds fun! You both look great and look like you're having a blast! As long as you fall in bed dead tired each day, you know you've done and seen enough.

I think I am gaining weight just hearing about the food...yummy! The sites are amazing. We'll keep following the trip. Love you guys!