Friday, April 30, 2010


Ok, so we promised more posting yesterday. But we lied. It's 2am again so we'll give more detail on the train from Firenze (Florence) to the Cinque Terre tomorrow. Here are some pics. Details to follow.
Cam, Q, Tait, Sutton... and the rest, we miss you.

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Chris said...

Great photos. We'll write our own dialogue. All's well on the home front. It's been a relaxing sat. Quincee spent the night at Brooke's. The rest of us slept in. Sutton then went to Ellies for a couple of hours while I took Cam to the Walters and picked up Quin and Brooke. We ate lunch at Subway then did the classic car show before home to the pool. sutton's still napping. Easy week. The girls have been great. They miss you (but are beginning to call me mom) We love you.