Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Hola Cabo! You're leaving again?!!

We didn't tell many people, including our girls, that we would be leaving for Cabo San Lucas 6 days after we had returned from Peru. We knew it was crazy too. But when Rob invited us to surprise his wife Robin with a trip to Mexico for her birthday, we of course said yes! And this invite came MONTHS before the Peru trip was planned. All this to rationalize us ditching reality again!

Rob invited 5 couples to join the party- 2 of them we didn't know. So it was a totally different group and made it fun to get to know them all. We were staying in a private beach front villa south of Cabo in an area call La Laguna. The name of the home was Casa La Laguna. It was basically our own private small hotel, with six private suites, a butler, chef, sous chef, and 4 other staff working on the property. Lifestyles.......

The Jensens are all about R and R, and they take it seriously!! It was so unlike any other vacation we had ever been on, and it was just what we needed. We only left the compound once for a meal on the beach right in Cabo San Lucas at a restaurant called The Office. We all agreed we were there for the atmosphere, because the food failed in comparison to the gourmet meals the chefs, JJ and Miguel, had been making for us. Other than that, we ate, swam, lounged, played games, ate, walked on the beach, ate, talked, played more games, and ate. 

It was a fun weekend with great people in a beautiful place. 

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Immi said...

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