Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Peru- Day 5- Going Down South to Lake Boobypoopoo (Ian came up with that one. In 6th grade)

Our time in Cuzco wasn't enough. Wished we could have stayed longer, but it was time to move on. We left for the airport at 9:30am and had to weave around town because a big festival with lots of costumed children was going on. As we neared the airport, our driver pulled over to the side of the road so Betho and his 6 year old granddaughter Zoe could kiss and hugs us goodbye. That was so sweet. We flew to the south of Peru so we could get closer to our next destination of Lake Titicaca. We landed in a city called Juliaca. I can't quite describe how it looked, but a war zone comes to mind. We were only passing through Juliaca- it is a transportation hub and not for tourists. 
Because it was Sunday we (Emily) searched online to find a sacrament meeting we could attend. We were surprised to see 2 chapels listed with multiple wards. We arrived just in time to meet 2 elders walking into the chapel. They let us know that the meeting time had changed and we were out of luck- sacrament had started at 10am. So we spent the next half hour touring the building and talking to the elders. Changed my perspective on missionaries- they are seriously some of the bravest humans in the world. 
We then drove for about an hour through the high country of southern Peru- 12,000 feet plus. Our next stop was the ancient burial site called Sillustani. Colla people- who were pre inca people- started building huge funeral towers to bury their "high class" dead. Still can't get over how much time they spent cutting and carrying stone. 
We next stopped at a local home and saw how these very humble locals lived. We played with their animals and then, of course, they tried to sell us stuff. Back in the van we settled in for the hour drive to Puno- the port city on Lake Titicaca. 
After checking into our hotel we took cabs into Puno town to eat dinner. We were dropped off near the Plaza de Armas in the middle of a huge celebration of some kind. There were large groups of traditionally dressed young men and women- the women were dancing while the men played wind flutes and beat on drums. Groups were coming from all different directions into the center plaza. It was seriously the coolest thing I have accidentally walked into. We walked all around just taking it in- until it started to rain. Then we took shelter in a yummy restaurant. 
Pictures don't do it justice, but we've got some pretty good video!!

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