Saturday, January 14, 2012

When the Grinch came to San Francisco

My bro Dave and his 5 awesome girls made the trek from Utah for a California Christmas. To start their visit off with a bang we headed into the big city for some sightseeing, cable cars, and ice cream sundaes!

After all the touring we met Grandma and Panda to see the musical How the Grinch Stole Christmas at the Golden Gate theatre. It was so much fun and we all loved it!

And just to make the trip more unforgettable Taitum and her cousin Eliza were accidentally lost. Best part- we didn't know they were lost until they had been gone for our minutes!

What happened: our large group left the food court at the San Francisco shopping center to go see the escalators leading up to Nordstroms. We all got a little separated with little groups making their way 8 stories up then down. When the first three made it down I took two to go and get in line for the cable car. I left one adult behind to tell the others to come across the street when they were done. Finally when we all grouped up at the line we realized the little girls were missing. But we didn't start to panic until we figured out the last time we saw them was in the food court!!!!

Three adults ran back across the street and split up; escalators, security, food court. I thought for sure the girls would have been crying and someone would have gotten them to security. But no- the girls didn't not cry. They new they were lost bu went on their own little adventure trying to find us, even avoiding a security guard in the process. Luckily they got tired out about the same time we realized they were gone and returned to the food court. And this is where Dave found them. Hallelujah!

Relief after being found!!

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